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It's easy to lose yourself when caring for someone with dementia. 

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May 14, 2019

Our guest Sheryl Scheuer is a dementia educator and support group leader.  She also was a long distance caregiver for her mom who had dementia for 20 years.  Sheryl talks about "time traveling" with her mom as the dementia deepened.  Sheryl also believes the words we use like "suffering" have a big influence on how caregivers cope with the challenges of dementia.

Kent has 25 years of experience guiding families through the maze of emotional and practical issues surrounding disability and dying. His calm, humorous and thoughtful approach reminds caregivers of their inner strength and peace. Working as a care manager has shown him how much a tiny, practical piece of the puzzle can help improve people's lives. His work as a hospice social worker helps him to practice embracing death as a part of life every day.